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 Join the Living Proof T-Shirt Campaign!

Have you recovered from chronic pain or other persistent symptoms through a neuroplastic or 'mindbody' approach? Would you like to help raise awareness of the possibility of recovery? Join our t-shirt campaign to help spread the word so others can learn how to regain their own health and lives!  T-shirts say 'I am Living Proof' on the front, and on the back 'Ask me how I recovered from...' plus your own personalised wording to reflect your own recovery experience.

Here's how to take part!

Step 1 - BUY IT!

Order a Living Proof T-shirt - modelled here (very seriously) by Penny, Living Proof Director, and Carolyn, Living Proof Ambassador. T-shirts are available in men's and women's styles, and you can choose between a standard t-shirt (100% cotton, £22) or a technical t-shirt (wicking/quick-drying, £25). Choose your own wording for the back to follow 'Ask me how I recovered from...' to reflect your own recovery experience. (Prices include P&P within the UK. Please get in touch if you would like to order a t-shirt but are outside the UK.)

Step 2 - WEAR IT!

Wear your t-shirt out and about! Some of us are joining parkruns or other group sport activities, to send a really strong message about what is possible post-recovery - but you can equally wear your t-shirt down the high street or in the pub! The idea is to be seen, and to be prepared to chat about how you recovered if and when people ask (and don't be disheartened if sometimes nobody asks... many people will have clocked the web address even if they haven't felt able to approach you.)

Step 3 - SHOUT IT!

Get photos taken in your t-shirt and post them on social media platforms with the hashtag #wearelivingproof. Together we can create a groundswell of interest and awareness to get the neuroplastic approach to recovery out there and known!


*Please be aware we are wearing an earlier design in these photos. See images below for updated version with more visible text.

Order T-shirt

Buy Your Own Personalised Living Proof T-Shirt

Women's Fitted T-Shirt (100% cotton)        £22

Women's Technical T-Shirt                          £25 

Men's Everyday T-Shirt (100% cotton)        £22

Men's Technical T-Shirt                               £25

(International shipping                                       add £7)

T-shirt back_edited.jpg

Select your product:

Thanks! To complete your order, please now make payment via our Donate button at the top of our website.  Any additional donations will contribute directly to future Living Proof projects.


men tee back_edited.jpg


NB Please be aware we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges if t-shirts don't fit. Sizing is on the small side so you may want to order up a size from normal :)

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