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What's Driving Us?

At Living Proof we are truly passionate about helping others regain their lives from chronic illness or pain, in the same way that we ourselves have done. We are working hard to spread the word so that others with challenging chronic neuroplastic conditions can better understand how to manage and resolve their own symptoms, and so that doctors and other health practitioners are better able to support patients with these conditions.

  • Offer online and in-person educational events and workshops aimed at patients, health professionals and the general public

  • Work with UK partners to support the incorporation of this approach into healthcare 

  • Support the creation of more 'non-pain' focused resources (e.g. for fatigue and other symptoms that do not necessarily involve pain, but which can often be caused through the same neurophysiological processes)

  • Refer and signpost patients as appropriate 

  • Collaborate with others operating in this field 

To promote widespread understanding and application of the neuroplastic approach to health among practitioners, patients, and the general public.

Our Mission
What Do We Do?

All our time is given entirely voluntarily, so 100% of our income and donations goes towards supporting our work.

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