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But the books are all about pain!

​If you are experiencing troublesome persistent symptoms which don't involve pain, read this first!

Neurophysiological symptoms can be very wide-ranging. Science hasn't yet explained why one person’s stresses manifest as back pain while another’s surface as fatigue or tummy problems. However, because the relationship between chronic pain and the brain is starting to be better understood in our medical community, many of the available resources are dedicated specifically to pain.

For many of us, it felt like a big leap using these resources if our stress response wasn't showing up as pain, but we discovered that the techniques and tools can be applied in just the same way to whatever our particular set of symptoms were.

As an example, have a look at our second short Living Proof film to see how Fiona used resources targeted at pain to fully resolve her ME/chronic fatigue syndrome. In the film, she speaks about how she mentally replaced the word 'pain' in the programme she was using, with the word 'symptom' - and made a full recovery in just a few weeks.

There is still a long way to go to help doctors understand and apply this knowledge in relation to other chronic symptoms. Living Proof aims to work with partners over the coming years to expand the range of resources available to help address symptoms other than pain.  

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