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Self-Assessment Quiz

Many recovered patients and healthcare professionals have observed that people who suffer from neurophysiological symptoms often have certain personality characteristics, which make them more susceptible to dysregulation of the nervous system. 

These characteristics include perfectionism, a tendency to worry, people-pleasing or being a high achiever with high expectations of yourself.

Do any of these sound like you…? Alongside these, there are a number of other traits which can help you to recognise if symptoms might be rooted in the brain. Have a look at our self-assessment questionnaire below to find out more about whether your symptoms could be caused by your brain and nervous system.


The more questions to which you answer 'yes' (out of a maximum of 31), the more likely it is that your symptoms are neurophysiologic in origin.  Of course, these questions are only a screen for stresses capable of causing neurophysiological symptoms.  They will not detect every stress that can cause pain or illness nor can they provide a definitive diagnosis.  If you have concerns about your answer to any questions, please consult your doctor. 

(If you are interested in understanding this questionnaire in more depth, you can view the original full version here.)

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